Please note: this is a very hard procedure and not for the faint of heart! Do it at your own risk. As of right now, it's the easiest way to unlock Windows 10 x50 phones, like Lumia 950. We suggest to perform a WhatsApp OneDrive backup before proceeding

  1. install Windows Device Recovery Tool
  2. disable BitLocker on your Lumia
  3. unlock Bootloader of your Lumia
  4. enable root access of your Lumia 

Now you should be able to copy the messages.db file from the following (alternative) location to the WinWazzapMigrator or Download folder on the Android device.


Phone\Data\USERS\DefApps.Windows Phone\APPDATA\Local\Packages\5319275A.WhatsApp_cv1g1gvanyjgm\LocalState